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Catalog usage guide (2017: new interface): How to use the catalog

How to use the catalog

How do I find books, articles & DVDs?

The catalog is your main destination to search for books, DVDs, articles, and most other items offered by the Woodbury University Library.

Your search results:

You can filter your search results to just see books or just see articles, and more; just look for all the filter options on the left-hand side.

Items available online (like article & ebooks) will have a button labeled "Access online":

Access Online button

If you find a physical item (like a print book) then it will have a location and call number; these tell you where it is located in the library:

Catalog display of shelf location, call number, and availability information

Not sure how to use a location and call number? Scroll down to "How do I use a location & call number?"

A few more advanced options:

If the item does not have an "Access online" button or a call number, then we may not have it at our library. Don't worry! You can still get a copy from us by using our Interlibrary Loan service; just click on the title and then look for this button:

Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button

Sorting feature in catalog: reads "315 results sorted by best match"Items that are at the Woodbury Library always show first in your results for your convenience. However: if you want to disable that sorting to also see items that we don't have, change the results ranking from "Library" to "Best match" (at the top of your results):   

How do I use a location & call number?

See our library floor map for a visual guide.

Don't be shy if you're not sure how to use a call number; you're not alone! You can always ask a library employee for help. Here's how you can find the book on your own:

Materials in the Burbank and San Diego Libraries are in several locations with names like Main Stacks, Annex Stacks, Periodicals, Oversize, and more. Within each location, the items are in call number order starting with 'A' call numbers and ending with 'Z.'

Hint: The location is like a city, and the call number is like a street address; go to the location first, and then you can use the call number to find your book.

Location: Burbank Main Stacks

Call number: TH4809 .P16 K34 2008

Go to the location first. The Main Stacks are the shelves of books along the left & right wall of the main room. Go there and then find the call numbers that start with TH.

Hint: The call numbers go in alphabetic order from left to right, so the TH books will be to the right of the N books, and to the left of the Z books.

  1. Within the TH books, locate the TH4809 books.
  2. Within the TH4809 books, find the .P16 books. If there is more than one TH4809 .P16 book, you can use the rest of the call number (K34 2008) to find your specific book.
  3. If you cannot find your book or have questions, ask a librarian and we will help you.
  4. See here for information on how long you can keep a book, renewing books online, and overdue fees.

What do those letters and numbers mean?

The Woodbury University Library uses Library of Congress call numbers (instead of Dewey Decimal). These call numbers are like a book's street address; they tell you where the book is and make sure that books on similar topics are next to each other.

The first letter(s) of a call number represent a broad subject and the remaining numbers get more specific

Example: N is 'Fine Arts', the NC sub-section is 'Drawing & Illustration,' and NC1766 is specifically 'Animated Films'.

If you are curious about what a certain call number means, see this overview or ask a librarian about more specific subjects (like 'Color theory').

The book I want is checked out!

You can place a hold on items that someone else has checked out, so that you are next in line to use it.

Place Hold button in catalog

  1. when viewing an item, click the “Place Hold” button: 
  2. log in with your regular Woodbury account
  3. you will be notified when the item arrives at the library; it will be set aside for you.

NOTE: Holds are only used for items that are checked out, not for books that are currently in the library/available.

Finding San Diego materials

To find materials available at the San Diego campus using the catalog:

Library filter in catalog; San Diego is currently selected in image

  1. go to the catalog
  2. enter your search terms
  3. check the “San Diego” filter on the top right
  4. click here for a map of SD library shelf locations

Burbank location guide

Location name Building Where it is in the building
Annex Stacks Annex building (other side of courtyard) In two rooms beyond the restrooms. Each has a sign saying which call numbers are in that room
Main stacks Main building Wrapping around the left and right wall
Media Collection - Videos Annex building (other side of courtyard) Near annex entrance
New Books Main building Near the reference desk - look for books with yellow stickers
Oversize Main building Books on the left with blue stickers
Periodicals Main building To the right, next to the computers
Reference Main building Near the reference desk & around the study tables - look for books with red stickers
Reserve /
Permanent Reserve
Main building Ask at the front desk
Atlas Main building In the loft, to the back left wall
Loft Main building Go toward the photocopier and take the door with a staircase on the other side. The loft is above the library entrance.
Over-oversize Main building Behind the computer table, near the periodicals
On-site storage Main building Ask at the front desk to get this item
Off-site storage Main building Ask at the front desk to get this item - it is stored off-campus

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