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Mission: Mission

Mission Statement

The Library is dedicated to enriching the life of the Woodbury community through the expansion of knowledge and creativity.  We seek to build and preserve resource collections that meet current and future curricular, research, intellectual, creative and professional needs of the University. In pursuit of this mission the Library strives for excellence in the quality of programs, services and resources.


  • Collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to the record of human knowledge in an expanding range of print and digital media.  Represent both discipline-focused and transdisciplinary information resources of quality in support of all areas of study and research.
  • Further the evolution and development of library staff, programs and resources in anticipation of and responsive to trends and advances in library practices and technology.
  • Teach information literacy as the foundation of communication in the academic environment and beyond.  The ability to find, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically provides students with the means to communicate their visions.
  • Provide learning opportunities and support in an environment that encourages the creative pursuit of knowledge.
  • Provide an online environment that makes the discovery and access to library collections and programs transparent, and that streamlines and enhances the user experience.
  • Promote the intellectual development of library users while advocating for academic integrity through the communication of economic, legal and social issues surrounding the access and ethical use of information in all formats.
  • Optimize the use of library space to provide a variety of study, research, and cultural opportunities that enrich users’ experiences and position the Library as the intellectual center of the campus.

Educational Goals

The student demonstrates the ability to …

  • develop and implement an effective research strategy,  and interpret and synthesize the results for the creation of a unique product.
    discern the difference between scholarly and popular resource materials, their functions as vehicles for the communication of ideas, and the appropriate uses of various types of information.
  • locate and recognize diverse perspectives and other viewpoints, respecting the importance of alternative ways of thinking in the advancement of scholarship
  • use information ethically, respecting copyright and avoiding plagiarism.
  • practice the lifelong skills necessary to locate, access, and critically evaluate reputable information in all materials formats.

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