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Art History: Apps for Art History

Art History Highlight

Art has a long history... This image is from the ARTSTOR database, one of our Woodbury subscription databases.  CAPTION: Caves of Lascaux (France); Hall of Bulls; Bull, Horses, and Deer; Left Wall.

App Reviews: What the Critics Say

AppAdvice (Apple)

Dating from the launch of Apple’s App Store, this site provides reviews for iOS apps along with plenty of lists, charts, and guides. There's an app for it, too.

Best Android Apps

A blog-style database guide that also includes a listing of apps by broad category.  And there’s an app for this as well.


Informative blog that provides reviews, tips, analyses, and more on applications and plugins. In January 2014, however, the editors made the announcement that after 4 years in existence they would be closing shop.

Introduction: Art History Apps

Here you will find a collection of apps, all intended for the study and appreciation of art through the ages. This list includes apps for both Android and Apple devices. Also, both free and purchasable apps can be found here.  This list is not comprehensive by any means but strives to include the most popular and/or highly rated applications we have identified to date. We welcome your suggestions, so please send us your recommendations in the comments section below for any art-related apps you have found particularly useful.

Art Museums

British Museum: Apple; Android (free).  

Dutch National Museum Collection - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Apple (cost).

Getty Museum: Apple; Android (cost); also see Getty publications page.

Hermitage Museum: Apple; Android (free)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Apple; Android (free).

National Gallery, London: Apple (cost).

MoMA: Museum of Modern Art: Apple (free).

Musee du Louvre: Apple; Android (free).

Musée d'Orsay: Apple (cost).

National Gallery of Art, Washington. Apple; Android (free).

Uffizi Gallery: Apple (cost).

Art History Surveys

Art Gallery - +3000 Artists: Apple (free). A worldwide collection of over 130,000 works of art, organized by such categories as style, artists' birthplace, and museum.

Art Lite: Apple (free). Features 10 major artists and their most well-known works of art; includes biographies and high-resolution images. Artists included: Ivan Aivazovsky, Sandro Botticelli, Paul Cezanne, Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Kazimir Malevich, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Raphael (Sanzio), and Vincent van Gogh.

Artists Hall: Apple (free). Reference-type resource, arranged in an album format, covering many major European artists. Features high-resolution paintings and allows "3D scrolling."

Specific Artists and Periods

Da Vinci HD: Apple (cost). Features high-resolution images with information on each work, such as title, method/tools of painting, size, and ownership. Traces Da Vinci's lifetime through a comprehensive collection of art work.

Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement: Apple (cost). An app created in conjunction with an exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, featuring 29 of the artist's works.

Hokusai: Apple (cost). Contains over 1800 works by this Japanese artist, along with biographical material.

Michelangelo: Apple (cost). Contains the largest collection of Michelangelo's paintings, sculptures, and other art work to be found in the iTunes app store.

Best of Monet: Apple (cost). Includes more than 60 full-screen images, and for each painting lists title, year, technique, size, and current location.

Gallery Monet: Android (cost). Presents high-quality images of over 180 of Monet's paintings.

Picasso: Apple (free).  "An interactive virtual gallery dedicated to the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso" (Description).

Rembrandt: Apple (cost). Updated version of the original app, touting HD quality and added content, such a new category highlighting Rembrandt's drawings.

Vincent Van Gogh: Yours, Vincent - The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh: Apple (free). Official app from the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), featuring sketches and paintings from the collection.

Van Gogh's Dream: Apple (cost). A highly rated app whose aim is to immerse you in the life and work of the artist through many interactive features.

Van Gogh Gallery: Android (free). Contains over 800 images, and for each painting includes title, subject location, year painted, and current painting location.

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