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One Book One Campus 2022: About One Book One Campus

What is One Book One Campus (OBOC)?

What if everyone on the Woodbury campus read the same book? That is the premise of One Book One Campus. Through a shared experience, we hope to bring the campus community together through the reading and discussing of a singular book.

Those who wish to participate can get free texts from the CLAS office in the Isaacs Faculty Center. If you have already emailed Reuben Ellis about reserving a copy, a copy is already on hold for you in the CLAS office. Students in certain First Year Experience (FYE) sections and certain INDS and WRIT courses will be receiving the book from their instructors.

Who is on the OBOC Steering Committee?

The One Book One Campus Steering Committee consists of the following people

  • Matt Bridgewater, WRIT
  • Bennet Carriaga, Student Affairs  
  • Linda Dove, CLAS Events/Honors 
  • Reuben Ellis, CLAS  
  • Ayanna Gaines, Library    
  • Will McConnell, INDS  
  • Mike Sonksen, PASS 


What book are we reading?

The book being read is They Called Us Enemy. Written by Star Trek actor George Takei, this graphic novel tells of his family's time in the Japanese internment camps that proliferated in the United States during World War II. The book is co-authored by Justin Eisinger and Steven Scott, and illustrated by Harmony Becker.

The book has won several awards, including the American Book Award, the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APLA)-Literature Award, and the Eisner Award.

What is a graphic novel?

A graphic novel is a story or series of stories in a book told using a combination of words and pictorial images. These images are often sequential, and help to tell the story. Graphic novels are a form of sequential art. They Called Us Enemy is a graphic novel.

Graphic novels are not a genre, but rather a medium. Stories in a number of different genres can be told via graphic novels.

"They Called Us Enemy" by George Takei