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Filmmaking: Getting Started

Getting started

 Looking for films on DVD for reference and viewing? Try the tips under the 'Finding Films' tab.

 Looking for a more technical 'how-to' type of guide? Try searching the library catalog for books and videos using a specific task, technique or software name (like 'screenwriting' or 'audio editing'). Here are some catalog subject searches to get you started:

 Looking for film history and criticism? Try looking for books and articles in the library catalog. You might also try looking for articles in some of our film databases. Still can't find criticism on your specific film? Try broadening your search to a certain director or a certain film genre.

Example: I can't find any articles analyzing the scifi film 'Wing Commander,' but I found some articles that critique science fiction war films, and some more talking about symbolism in space aliens.. I think I can connect the dots in my paper to show how these theories can also be applied to my specific film. 

 Just want to get a general overview of some film concepts and vocabulary? Our reference books (film encyclopedias, film dictionaries, film directories) might be what you need. Try this list of books as a starting point.

Book call number cheat sheet

Use these numbers to browse our print books most relevant to Filmmaking!

PN1990 - PN1999 (Annex Stacks, near the restrooms) – Books on radio, television and film studies. Mosty related to history, screenwriting, and analysis. You may also find some broader ‘mass media’ related books around P87-P96.

TR845 – TR899 (Main Stacks, on the right side of the room) – Books on technical areas of film like editing, cinematography, and most of the technology-related film books. There are also a couple sound design books in TK7881.​