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Grants and Scholarships: Step 1: You


There are a lot of funding opportunities out there, but you will not qualify for all of them. An important step to finding grant and scholarship opportunities is to think about yourself and use YOU as your search method. It is important to know where these grants and scholarships are coming from. There are federal and state funded opportunities, funding provided by your university (Woodbury!), and then are are funding opportunities offered by private organizations, which is what we're focusing on in this guide. 


Categorize yourself! Scholarship/grant opportunities often are quite specific so it's important to really think about any and all categories you fall in to. Some categories to consider are (but are not limited to):

Some categories will link out to an example funding opportunity. 


Aside from your demographic, a lot of professional organizations offer funding opportunities. Based off hobbies and majors, you may be able to find scholarships/grants regardless of whatever demographic categories you are. 


Do you have hobbies that also has groups and organizations? Hobbies, activism, interests, and talents can sometimes lead to funding opportunities! You just have to be creative with where you choose to look. has a section on "Scholarships by Type" which may be useful in this. 


Many majors/fields of academic study have organizations, working groups, etc. available to practitioners of the field and students. Here are some listings of scholarships by majors: