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Banner image of library main space, view from loft
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Library floor map: Library floor map: Text description

Library floor map description

The library physical space consists of two main areas: The main space, and the annex. The library entrance brings you into the lobby of the main space, where the circulation desk is located. Turning right from the circulation desk will lead you through an open entrance into a walkway that takes you through the center of the library's main space. Immediately to the left of this main walkway is the reference desk, and to the right is a table of computers for printing. On either side of the main walkway are study tables, bookshelves and a smaller walkway that runs parallel to the main walkway. Both the left and right smaller walkways are surrounded by more bookshelves. All three walkways continue up to an altar space that contains more study furniture.

The annex space can be accessed by turning right from the beginning of the main space center walkway. Turn right when you reach the right wall of the main space, and proceed through an open entrance, then turn left. This will take you to the door to the library's courtyard. Through that door, you can turn left into the courtyard, or turn right to proceed through a glass hallway that wraps counterclockwise around the courtyard and terminates at the entrance to the annex building.

The annex building consists of a single straight hallway. To the right are women and men's restrooms. To the left of the hallway is the classroom, LA106.

The library also has a loft space located directly above the entrance lobby. The stairs to this loft are through a doorway that is to the right of the door to the courtyard.

For details on the location of items like DVDs, periodicals, oversize books, etc, see the next section on library shelf locations. For further specifics on where to find certain call number areas within the Main Stacks and Annex Stacks, see the final section on library call number areas.

Library shelf location description

Location name Building Where it is in the building
Annex Stacks Annex building (other side of courtyard) In two rooms beyond the restrooms. Each has a sign saying which call numbers are in that room
Main stacks Main building Wrapping around the left and right wall
Media Collection - Videos Annex building (other side of courtyard) Near annex entrance
New Books Main building Near the reference desk - look for books with yellow stickers
Oversize Main building Books on the left with blue stickers
Periodicals Main building To the right, next to the computers
Reference Main building Near the reference desk & around the study tables - look for books with red stickers
Reserve /
Permanent Reserve
Main building Ask at the front desk
Atlas Main building In the loft, to the back left wall
Loft Main building Go toward the photocopier and take the door with a staircase on the other side. The loft is above the library entrance.
Over-oversize Main building Behind the computer table, near the periodicals
On-site storage Main building Ask at the front desk to get this item
Off-site storage Main building Ask at the front desk to get this item - it is stored off-campus

Library call number locations description

The main stacks and annex stacks are both large enough locations that a guide is helpful to locate where the major call numbers are within these locations. In the main stacks, N through NA676 is along the left wall of the main space. Main Stacks NA676 through NC is located on shelves on the left and right of the altar space at the far end of the main space. Main Stacks NC through NX and S through TX are along the right wall of the main space.

Annex stacks A through KF are in a room to the left of the annex hallway. KF through ZA are in a room to the right of the annex hallway.