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Google Scholar at Woodbury: Home

Accessing Google Scholar from Off-Campus

Did you know: When you're on-campus, Google Scholar will automatically show you WU Library links to articles that we have in our databases. This can be useful for paywalled articles that Google has no full text access to, but that our library does. When off-campus, this does not happen by default (Google may not realize you're from Woodbury), but you can still tell Google Scholar to include these links.

Want to take advantage of Google Scholar from off-campus?:

You have two options. Both will require that you have a working WU login (a current student or faculty/staff). Not sure about the status of your login? Ask us!

  1. Instead of going directly to Google Scholar, use the Google Scholar link on our databases page. You'll get a purple WU Library login page, after which you'll see Woodbury links included in your Google Scholar results.
  2. Alternatively, you can turn on links in Google Scholar's settings: 

    Google Scholar menu: My profile, My library, Alerts, Metrics, Advanced Search, Settings
    • Select “Library Links” on the left-hand tab: 

      Scholar Settings menu

    • Type in “Woodbury” and choose "Full Text @ Woodbury": 

      Library links search box with Full Text @ Woodbury result checked

    • Click "Save."


After either method above, your search results should show "Full Text @ Woodbury" links for articles that we have in our databases:

Google Scholar search result: Cyberbulling: Who are the victims? From with Full Text @ Woodbury link on the right.