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Game Art & Design: Game Research: Getting Started

Getting Started with Game Art & Design Research

Looking for a more technical 'how-to' type of guide? Try searching the library catalog for books. Not sure where to start in the catalog? Try using a specific technique or software name (like 'figure drawing' or 'zbrush') or, for more broad results, try this search which uses the subjects 'Video Games -- Design' and 'Computer games -- Design' to retrieve a list of materials that focus on overall game design. For general illustration & drawing technique, this search is a good place to start too. You can also find a list of tutorial resources in the 'Careers, Studios and Tutorials' section of this guide.

Looking for game art books for reference? Try searching the catalog for a specific game, or see the call number guide on the bottom right to browse the entire selection on the shelves. Our selection of art books from specific games is small but growing- if you can't find an art book you want, please suggest a library purchase (see my contact information on the right).

Are you doing research on a less technical, more theory-focused concept related to game design such as user experience, advertising strategies, player psychology, etc.? You can try searching the catalog for books, or searching one of our databases listed under the 'Scholarly Research' tab.

Game Art & Design Call Numbers

Use these numbers to browse our print books on Game Art & Design!

GV1469 - This will be where most of the Game Art & Design print books will be. Regular books using this call number will be in the Annex Stacks area (ask someone at the library if you need help finding this area). Oversize books are in the main library area. The oversize GV1469 books are mostly art books with lots of visuals, whereas the regular GV1469 books tend to be more text-heavy and focused on game design.

NC730-NC825 - These books are on drawing technique books such as human figure drawing, animal anatomy, environments, etc.

T385-T386 - These books focus on the technology side of digital art, including books on Photoshop and ZBrush.

TR897 - Books on 3D animation

QA75-QA76 - These are the computer science books that generally focus on specific languages like C# or Javascript. You will also find some user interface/user design books in this area. Many of the good C# and Unity books in our catalog are ebooks; learn how to access those here.

If you're browsing the shelves in these areas, remember to look in both the regular books (Main Stacks/Annex Stacks) and oversize books (especially if you want books with visuals and illustrations). And remember, you can always ask a librarian for help!