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Gifts & Donations: Gifts & Donations

Gifts & Donations

The Library appreciates the interest and support of its donors and gratefully acknowledges all gifts. The Library accepts donations of books and other publications, as well as gifts of money designated for the purchase of library materials, in accordance with the following criteria:

  • By the act of donation, the donor permanently relinquishes all rights to ownership and dispensation, and the full title to the property passes to the University. All gifts are final.
  • All materials received as gifts will be evaluated by the standards and guidelines set forth in the Woodbury University Library's Collection Development Policy, and added to the library collection only if those standards are met.
  • Gift materials must be integrated into the collection without requiring special facilities, control, or staffing.
  • The disposition of gift materials will be left to the discretion of the librarians. The library reserves the right to dispose of unneeded materials as it sees fit, including but not limited to, selling duplicate materials or materials inappropriate to the collection or donating the materials to a local public library. Any proceeds from the sale of these materials will be placed into the library's general budget.
  • Gifts must be delivered or mailed to the library. The library does not have a vehicle to pick up items nor liability insurance to cover personnel for such activities.

The Library is not able to accept every offer of donated materials because of space limitations and the costs associated with processing of materials. The following materials will ordinarily not be considered for donation:

  • Textbooks and course packs.
  • Back issues of periodicals are considered by individual title and accepted only if filling a specific need.
  • Materials formats not supported by the library, such as vinyl and cassette recordings.
  • Items in poor physical condition.
  • Any material which has been copied from an original.
  • Material to which the donor has attached restrictions which will limit access for the library users or which seek to determine the shelving location of the materials.

The Library follows the recommendations of the Association of College and Research Libraries relative to the appraisal of gifts or resources. 
To protect the donor and the University, the Library, as an interested party, does not provide appraisals of value for tax purposes. If the donor desires an appraisal, it is the donor’s responsibility to estimate values or employ the services of an independent consultant.
The acceptance of a gift which has been appraised by the donor or a disinterested party does not in any way imply the endorsement of the appraisal by the Library.

Donation Agreement 
The donor must sign two copies of the Donation of Library Materials Form at the time a gift is handed over to the Library. One copy will be retained by the Library; the other copy will be given to the donor. The Donation of Library Materials Form must be used to indicate a request for a tax receipt.

Donation Inventory
It is the responsibility of the donor to provide a detailed inventory of donated materials to ensure the accuracy of the gift acceptance and subsequent monetary appraisal. The library cannot prepare lists of donations for or on behalf of donors.

Unsolicited Materials 
The Library is under no obligation to acknowledge, return, or retain unsolicited donations of any materials received in the mail or dropped off at the Library from individuals or organizations. If the Library decides to retain an unsolicited donation, the donation will be formally accepted and acknowledged, where possible, and additional follow-up with the donor may be required.

All gifts from a known donor will be acknowledged by a form letter or personal letter from the Director of the Library or designate, depending on the circumstances and as appropriate.

Contact Information
To arrange for donations to the library, please begin by contacting the library circulation desk at 818-252-5200.

Revised 6/2010

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