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Writing Center: How to Make an Appointment

Meet the Tutors!

Before you go to our scheduler, take a second to meet the tutors! While any tutor can help you with any project, sometimes it's nice to chat with someone who shares similar interests to you and your project. 

Making an appointment

To make an in-person or virtual appointment: 

1. Click the link below (or the one on our home page). All first-time users will be required to create an account and log in (This is separate from Moodle and our Math Tutoring Center.)

2. You’ll see a schedule. Click on a white square that corresponds to the tutor, date, and time you want. The system will let you schedule appointments up to 15 minutes before the start time. Fill out the pop-up form to make an in-person or online appointment (your choice, Mon.-Fri., online only on Saturdays) and upload your paper. The square you chose will turn orange. (Note: We accept "walk-ins" unless tutors are busy with other students. Appointments guarantee you get the time and day you want.)

3. You can log back in anytime and click on the orange square to view your appointment, edit it, add a paper or a revised paper, or cancel your appointment.

If your appointment is virtual: 

1. Make sure you have downloaded the TEAMS App* on your Woodbury email page.

2. Your tutor will set up a TEAMS* meeting and send you an email invitation. A few minutes before your appointment, click on the email link. It will automatically open.

3. Now, you and the tutor can view and discuss your paper. If you haven’t downloaded a paper, the tutor may ask you to email it to them. If you don't have a paper because you want help brainstorming, outlining, etc., that's okay. 

*Note: If you would rather use a different platform for your virtual meeting, such as Zoom, you can mention this on your appointment form. 

Schedule an appointment

Prof. Laila Dahan

Students whose first language is not English, have writing challenges, or prefer to work with a professor, can choose Prof. Laila Dahan, our ESL specialist! Her office is also in the Whitten Student Center, room 128.

Contact Us

Whitten Center Room 118 | 818.252.5232 | Laurel DiGangi, Director of the Writing Center