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Writing Center: Meet the Tutors!



Howdy Doody! My name's STORM, and I'm a third-year game art and design major. Don't be afraid to come to me when you need help outlining a paper or trying to understand what your professor is looking for. I am a sophomore game art and design major, so feel free to come and chat video games with me when I'm out and about.



Hello! I'm DELANEY and I'm a fourth-year animation student. I'm a huge nerd and can spend hours just writing lore, drawing maps, and character designs for my Dnd worlds and the games that take place in them. I can do lots of funny voices and sounds, and yet I still can't do a Scottish accent no matter how hard I try. 



Hi friends :) I’m JOSE and I’m a third-year architecture major from Azusa, about half an hour from campus. This is my first time tutoring or doing anything of the sort professionally, so I’m probably more nervous than you are. I do enjoy helping people, though, and I hope I am able to do that here. I like listening to music, exercising, and spending time with friends. I’ve also been trying my hand at cooking, but it’s better to not ask how that’s going. If you ever need any help with anything writing or math related, feel free to make an appointment with me!



Hey! MATTHEW here. I'm a graduate student in the MBA program. I can help you with things like grammar, syntax, and spelling, and I am excited to also help you share your unique voice and ideas within the world of writing. For my free and personal time, I love playing, running, and writing adventures for pen and paper role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed, and Dungeon World! Additionally, I love books and media about roleplaying games and how their mechanics do or do not fit in with our real world, like my current favorite book series Fred the Fighter by Jason A. Holt.



Hi! I’m SAAD, a fourth-year architecture major. I’m from Pakistan, and I enjoy chess, reading, coffee, and road trips. I feel like all those things have such a strong history which I love connecting with. If you have any writing assignment you want help with, feel free to book an appointment with my and come on down to the Writing Center!



Hello! I am MELODY, a second-year Business Management student. I am here to assist you with your papers and help you adjust to college life. I enjoy reading the Bible and prayer time during my free time. I also love being with my family and friends. A few fun facts about me: I love the color purple, my favorite animal is a lion, and I am always craving ice cream.



Hello! I’m SOPHIA, a third-year filmmaking major. I adore my cats, Over The Garden Wall, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series (the soundtrack is the absolute best thing to ever exist). If you need assistance in any of your writing courses, or want to see photos of my cats, I’m here! Can’t wait to help!  



Hello! I'm YANA, a fourth-year Business Marketing student. I can help you with various assignments concerning marketing, management, writing, math, and more. I can especially be helpful in case you need support in languages other than English (Armenian, Russian, intermediate Spanish). In my free time, I enjoy learning about theatre arts and fashion history. Please feel free to come meet me at The Writing Center!



Hello everyone! My name is CASSANDRA and I love animals and trying new coffee spots around my area. My favorite movies of all time are The Karate Kid (1984) directed by John G. Avildsen and In the Heights directed by Jon M. Chu. I also love trying new foods, but my all-time favorite comfort food is anything where pasta is the main course! I would describe myself as optimistic and absolutely love the quote “everything happens for a reason." I’m very friendly so if you need any help, don’t be shy and make an appointment with me!

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