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Math, Science, and Subject Tutoring Center: Meet the Tutors!


Hi I'm JADE!  I'm a fourth-year architecture major and an international student from France and Hong Kong. I like to listen and talk, so if you are bored and need some company, I'm here. I also really enjoy everything green like plants, more precisely cactus because they are easy to take care. Need help with architecture software or math? Book an appointment with me!




Hi! I'm MISAEL, a fourth-year architecture student. I transferred from San Diego Mesa College, but I originally studied at Pasadena City College, where I received three associate degrees: architecture, natural sciences, and engineering and technology. I've previously tutored other young adults on my own, so I'm very excited to be part of this team! On a separate note, I love to travel. I was born and raised in California and have been all over the Golden State. In my spare time I like to organize things, make things, exercise, or watch movies. I'm very friendly and hope to see you soon for help in any math or architecture software troubles you may have.




Hi, I’m Megan, a third-year animation major! I will draw you a robot and/or your favorite cartoon character, and then crochet you a stuffed animal. I will inform you about random topics (rabies, Sonic, parasites, the fighter jet I take care of). I live in a valley. 


Hi I’m RENE, a fourth-year business management major. I am a self-proclaimed chef and connoisseur of the many culinary creations that this world has to offer. I absolutely love cooking and of course eating food; new or old favorites, I’m there for it. Burbank is something like a food haven for me because there are so many good restaurants here! If you ever need any recommendations, I will happily give you some. And if you ever want to tell me about any food spots I might not know about then I’d really appreciate it.  :-D



Hi, I'm LOC, a third-year architecture major. I transferred from Orange Coast College and have been at Woodbury for two years now. I love watching and playing soccer in my free time. This is my first time tutoring but I'll do my best to help you prepare for exams, work on class assignments you need guidance with, and help you improve in a particular subject. Feel free to make an appointment with me and I hope to see you soon!


Hey everybody! I’m Brianna, a first-year Game Art student. I’m excited to be able to help you with any upcoming papers you have due or questions that you might need answering. In my free time, you can catch me playing tons of video games, drawing, or watching the current show I’m obsessing over. I also tend to jam out to some awesome classic rock music! I can’t wait to meet you!  


Whitten Center | 818.252.5232 | Laurel DiGangi, Director of the Writing Center


Hello ! I’m SOPHIA, a second-year filmmaking major. I adore my cats, Over The Garden Wall, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series (the soundtrack is the absolute best thing to ever exist). If you need assistance in MATH 100, or want to see photos of my cats, I’m here ! Can’t wait to help !  


Hello! I’m JORDAN, a fifth-year architecture major. I love my dog and hate clowns. My favorite place to get coffee is Philz, but I don’t mind a strawberry acai refresher from Starbucks every now and then. I’m from the bay and before you ask… yes, I say “hella."


Hi friends :) I’m JOSE and I’m a second-year architecture major from Azusa, about half an hour from campus. This is my first time tutoring or doing anything of the sort professionally, so I’m probably more nervous than you are. I do enjoy helping people, though, and I hope I am able to do that here. I like listening to music, exercising, and spending time with friends. I’ve also been trying my hand at cooking, but it’s better to not ask how that’s going. If you ever need any help with anything writing or math related, feel free to make an appointment with me!