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Math, Science, and Subject Tutoring Center: Meet the Tutors!


Hello! My name is MASON and I’m a second-year Design Computation student with a minor in Computer Science Data Analytics. If you have questions about math or technology in general, I will do my best to help! My interests outside of school include video games (especially Nintendo) and rollercoasters. I also enjoy spending time with my pet rabbits. I look forward to meeting you!



Hi, I’m ELOY, a fifth-year architecture student. I transferred from College of the Canyons to Woodbury in 2020 as a sophomore. Life as a student can be stressful and a challenge. I can relate since I serve in the Marine Corps for 8 years before becoming a student. So, when I first stepped foot in a classroom, I panicked. I give thanks to the classmates and mentors I had, who made this transition easy for me. That’s why this semester I decided to get involved and help others. I want to be able to give that back and provide a safe space for you to ask questions and seek help with any class material you may have.


Hi I’m GINA and I’m a 3rd year architecture major from Trona, roughly 3 hours north of campus and 20 miles outside of Death Valley. A fun fact about me is that I am a US Army combat veteran, with one tour to Iraq in 2008-2009 where I worked as an Intelligence Analyst. This is my first-year tutoring officially; however, I have been helping others with programs/software’s for design since my associates program at GCC. I thoroughly enjoy helping people and finding out of the box solutions for design problems. My primary program of focus has been Autodesk Revit, but I am proficient in nearly all of the design programs that we use in the Architecture department so stop on in on Tuesday mornings, or schedule to chat with me online. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.



 Hi, I'm LOC. I'm a fifth-year architecture student and have been a math tutor at Woodbury for 2 years. I love being a tutor and helping other students because to me, peer tutoring is a fun and rewarding experience. It has taught me valuable skills such as being a better listener and communicating more effectively with others. I also love being a tutor because I can meet people from all over the world, learn about new cultures, and embrace cultural diversity.


If you're a Woodbury student who is interested in becoming a Math, Science, & Subject Center tutor, contact Laurel DiGangi, Coordinator of Tutoring Services at


Whitten Center | 818.252.5232 | Laurel DiGangi, Director of the Writing Center


        Hello ! I’m MICHAEL, a fourth-year computer science data analytics major and I am eager to help others learn math. I am a video game enthusiast, a tabletop wargamer, and a programmer/coder. My favorite sport is football as I played the sport for 4 years and loved every minute of it. I have previously tutored teenagers and young adults in many areas of math, so I am not new to tutoring. I promise that I will work as hard as possible in order to teach math in a way that is easy to understand.



Hello! My name is MARIA. I’m a third year filmmaking student from Colombia and transferred to Woodbury in 2022. I love meeting new people, playing videos, dancing and painting. I love how rewarding it is to help other students with their math problems among other subjects! I’m very excited to meet you and to help you! If you need any assistance, visit the Math, Science and Subject Tutoring Center and schedule an appointment with me!


If you're a Woodbury student who is interested in becoming a Math, Science, & Subject Center tutor, contact Laurel DiGangi, Coordinator of Tutoring Services at