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Modifying Change proposal MS Arch RED : setup

Curricular Change Proposal Forms and New Deadlines

Curriculum Committee forms:

Topics Course Notification (TOP): September 1st for course to run the following Spring or Summer semester; February 1st for course to run the following Fall semester

Incidental Change Proposal (INC): New submittal deadline is: September 1

Modifying Change Proposal (MOD): New submittal deadline is: September 1

Educational Planning (EPC) Committee forms:

Strategic Change Proposal (STR) : New submittal deadline is: September 1
(The Policy or Structure Change Proposal form was merged with the Strategic Change Proposal form and are now one)

setup for your proposal

Get started

  • Log in (from the LibApps sign-in link on the bottom right). (It might be helpful at this point to "open link in new window" by right-clicking on the “Login to LibApps” so you can consult the directions on this page while you work on your creation or print these instructions.)

Note: If you don't have a login set up or forgot your password, contact Systems Librarian Jared Cowing or 818-252-5202.

  • Once you are on the Home page (if not on Home page, click on "Home" in the orange bar at the top of the page), click on Create Guide which is in the “LibGuides Shortcuts” box.
  • From the “Choose Layout or Reuse” drop down menu, select "copy content/layout from an existing guide.”
  • A search box will immediately appear. 
  • Keep selection on "Local Guides"
  • When clicking on down arrow of the “Select a guide…” drop down menu, another search box appears; type in:  Curriculum & EPC proposals template.
  • Once you start typing "Curriculum & EPC proposals template," it should appear in the list and you can select it by clicking on it.

Guide Settings

  • Guide Name.  Something that makes sense, starting with your department.
  • Description. Brief.  Optional.
  • Guide Type. Optional but you can choose ‘Internal’ if you want.
  • Group Assignment: select "Curricular Change Proposals"  If you forget this step, your guide will be linked to the list of library research guides.  You do not want this.
  • Password:  don't enter one
  • Share Guide Content?:  click the box that says "No"
  • Click "Create Guide" at the bottom
  • Your new guide pops up & looks very much like this one, but it has a different name up to the left under the banner.

 Get it ready to share

  • Upload your curricular change proposal and other materials in the proposals box. You don't need to do anything with the other boxes - they are informational.
    • To upload a document, click on the "Add/Reorder" box and click on whatever is most appropriate which in most cases will be "Document / File." 
    • Use the naming conventions described in the box.
  • To change the Publication Status look for the colorful dropdown menu on the top right that says: Unpublished.
    1. Click on down arrow and select Change Status & Share
    2. In the box that pops up, change the status of your guide to Private by selecting Private from the drop down menu next to the words Publication Status.
    3. Click on the Save button right next to it.  
    4. Click on the Close button at bottom left when finished.
    5. Your guide will now be listed as Private in the top right of page which means it is only visible to those who know the URL.
  • Friendly URL:  only if you want to; it's optional. (see directions below if you choose to do this)
    1. Look for edit pencil next to the guide’s URL, located under the guide name in the line that starts with Last Updated… (it’s the last thing in that line).
    2. Click on edit pencil, then a box appears.
    3. Type in your Friendly URL in the box.
    4. Click on Save.


  • Once you are done loading your documents and you are ready to start getting signatures you must first send the URL of your new guide to Raida Gatten to set up the signature page for your LibGuide. (If you don't do this step, people will not have anywhere to sign off).
  • Your signature page will be set up and it will also list the "next steps" info.  The instructions will be sent to you via email.