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Black Intellectual Groundworks: About Black Intellectual Groundworks

What is the Black Intellectual Groundworks?

The Black Intellectual Groundworks (B.I.G.) is a project of enrichment that aims to integrate curricular and co-curricular resources honoring and celebrating the Pan-African intellectual and cultural tradition into the life of Woodbury University.

The first and foundational B.I.G. initiative is the acquisition of dedicated library resources—books, films and other materials—that reflect this tradition and its global importance. The Woodbury University Library has been working to acquire material that engage Black voices, showcase Black talent and feature topics relating to the Black experience.

Another part of this important project is hosting events that feature the Black voice. Here, you will find digital archives of past events as well as announcements of upcoming ones.

Finally, if you wish to become part of the experience, there is a link to a website that allows you to make a donation to B.I.G. to enable it to continue its work.

Who oversees the Black Intellectual Groundworks?

The Black Intellectual Groundworks has an Advisory Board. The Board consists of:

  • Rossen Ventzislavov, Professor, Philosophy, Original Author of the B.I.G. grant
  • Ayanna Gaines, Associate Professor and Student Success Librarian
  • Sean Joyner, Director of Communications, Adjunct Faculty, Architecture
  • Jayden Douglas, Current Woodbury Student, Member of the Black Student Association

How Can I Donate to B.I.G?

You can contribute to B.I.G. by going to this link.

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