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Events: All March - Library Spring Madness Battle

Helpful Tips

How to Vote, Rules of the Battle, and Links are on the right columns!

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Spring Madness Battle Information

Watch the battles unfold!

Monday - Thursday 

February 27th - March 30th

(No battles will take place during Spring Break March 13th - 17th)

A new victor is chosen everyday!


Feb 27 - Superman & Vi

Feb 28 - Widowmaker & Joker

Mar 1 - Black Panther & Shadow

Mar 2 - Loki & Link

Mar 6 - Sasuke & Namaari

Mar 7 - Mei Lee & Goku

Mar 8 - Jack-Jack & Bakugo

Mar 9 - Eve & Killua

Mar 20 - Superman & Vi

Mar 21 - Black Panther & Shadow

Mar 22 - Mei Lee & Sasuke

Mar 23 - 

Mar 27 - 

Mar 28 - 

Mar 29 - 

Mar 30 - *Final Victor* 



How To Vote

Location: Library Altar

Make your way to the back of the library and place your vote on the character sheet at the altar!


TikTok Debate

Defend your character and take the debate to our TikTok page. Your winning or losing argument could influence the battle!


Rules of the Battle

  • You may not vote more than once
  • You may not vote on a past battle (TikTok debates are encouraged)
  • You pick the scenario! EX: Jack Jack doesn't want to take a bath and Mrs. Incredible is tired.
  • Universes Involved: 
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Superman and Batman Animated Series
    • League of Legends
    • Overwatch
    • Disney
    • Legend of Zelda (post Ocarina of Time)
    • Disney
    • Naturo
    • My Hero Academia
    • Hunter x Hunter