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San Diego Library

Library South Series


In 2013 the library launched the Library South Series, an offshoot of the San Diego lecture series. The event series has included discussion panels, workshops, and exhibits that inform the community and serve as an interdisciplinary, collaborative ecosystem for the School of Architecture in San Diego.
For the most current event information, including dates and times, visit the School of Architecture Events page.
Past Library South Series Events
Date Title Speakers
11/01/13 1.1.1 A Framework for Judgment: Criticism in Architecture and the Visual Arts Christopher Hawthorne, Leah Ollman, Robert Pincus, and Cathryn Copper (moderator)
11/08/13 1.1.2 Incendiary Traces Workshop Hillary Mushkin
03/07/14 1.2.1 The Architecture of Future Mankind: A Gentlemen's Duel
Francesco Lipari (CityVision)Jon Linton, Daniel López
10/03/14 2.1.1 Vallum Castra: An Exhibit of Photography Carmela Castrejon
10/17/14 2.1.2 Unbuilt San Diego: The Past, Present, and Future Failures of the City David Gatzke, Andrew Keatts, Michael Stepner, and Cathryn Copper (moderator)
02/06/15 2.2.1 Book Presentation: The Global Suburbs Lawrence Herzog
02/27/15 2.2.2 Photography Exhibit / Opening Reception Gerry Smulevich
10/23/15 3.1.1 Occidente Nuevo: Recycled Tijuana Laura Migliorina (artist), Anthony Marchetti (artist), Michael Bell, Lawrence Herzog, Ted Smith, and Rene Peralta (moderator)
03/29/16 3.2.1 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: San Diego Architecture and Architects  
10/01/16 4.1.1 Breaking Barriers: Women Designing the Built Environment  
3/24/17 4.2.1 Talking Spaces Matthew Higgins
7/14/17 5.0.1 Heroes and Villains: Explorations in Using Architecture and Animation Technology to Create 3D Characters Ric Heitzman, Slade Kauffman, Alonso Nunez, and Andrew Wagner